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Mobile Dev Memo features a subscription tier, MDM Pro. Subscribers enjoy access to:

  • Exclusive content, including quarterly earnings analysis;
  • The QuantMar knowledge-sharing platform, which is something like a StackExchange for performance marketers;
  • Regular subscriber-only webinars and Q&A sessions;
  • Mobile app store chart ranking intelligence through the Darkpool Chart Explorer.

Subscriptions are available in multi-user corporate accounts or single-user personal accounts. Subscribers will receive a fully annotated invoice for each recurring transaction. These invoices can be used in business expense submissions. Payments are processed securely by Stripe. Find the Mobile Dev Memo Privacy Policy here.


Is it possible to get an extra, administrative seat with a corporate account?
All corporate accounts come with one additional “administrative” seat. For instance, the 5-seat corporate account provides 6 total logins: the administrator can register their account and then add 5 additional sub-accounts to the subscriptions.
What is the minimum subscription length commitment for a personal account?
The minimum commitment length is one month: if the monthly personal account is purchased and then immediately canceled, the user will have access to MDM Pro content for one month and won’t be charged subsequently.
I just purchased a corporate account. How do I add sub-users?
Once you’ve registered, you should:
  1. Log in if you haven’t done so
  2. Navigate to mobiledevmemo.com
  3. Click “Account Settings” at the top
  4. Click on “Subscriptions” on the left-hand menu
  5. Click on “sub accounts” from the menu you’ll see
You can find specific instructions around managing sub-accounts on this page (under “Managing sub accounts”): https://docs.memberpress.com/article/94-corporate-accounts.